Our Management



Rahim graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Rahim brings with him more than 18 years of progressive SAP experience which, more than 12 years has been with Vantage nurturing the company in the initial start-up and taking it through rapid-growth market expansions. Other than managing the company, Rahim plays a Project Engagement Partner role in many major projects the company has implemented throughout the years, namely TM, POS Malaysia Berhad, MIMOS and Takaful Malaysia. His experience in Quality Assurance stems from his constant supervision and advisory to the on-going projects.

There is a plethora of capabilities that can be attributed to Rahim, a leader with a clear vision, vivid mission, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it. His down to earth personality brings others to combine forces with him passionately and relentlessly driving it to completion. Adding on his analytical thinking and innovative approach, Rahim has successfully built Vantage to be competitive and adaptive to the business environment that is ever changing around the world.

Under Rahim's leadership, Vantage has forged a business alliance with SAP, a world-class solution, resulting in becoming a National Implementation Partner. He further strengthened the company through its association with KLSE first board listed company Heitech Padu Berhad. In line with the government foresight to put Malaysia on the IT front, he engineered for the company to be awarded the MSC status in 2002. In December 2007, Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd (MAVCAP), a government-backed venture capitalist acquired a stake in Vantage.



Armed with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Portland, USA, Saufi has more than 15 years of progressive SAP exposure and more than two decades of software development experience including the implementation of world class solutions. Prior to co-founding Vantage, he held senior management positions at Petronas, BP Amoco Chemical, Sime Darby, PROTON and Astro.

Saufi oversees the entire day to day operations at Vantage and also handles high level project management. His wide industry exposure is evident from the numerous systems and architectural implementations he has led in key organizations in the wide variety of industries. Saufi's competencies are bridging value and productivity within these organizations through the adaptation of new ideas. Ultimately, he provides consulting advisory on integrated and tailored SAP solutions.

Key to Saufi's success is his insight into individual strengths and this allows him to leverage on how each individual within the organization can be most productive. An empathetic leader, he interacts and ensures that the need of others, whether clients or colleagues, are taken care of. Calm in the face of ambiguity and steadfastly purposeful, Saufi has established that he is more than able to weather any storm, stand firm through crises and focus on growth for Vantage and our people.