Our Value Proposition

Our strength has been our ability to provide in-depth Business Consulting best practices and industry expertise to help organizations become more efficient and excel in their businesses. Vantage core strategic and technology services are centered on two main areas in particular - SAP and Managed Services.

Our team comprises of a group of highly qualified professionals with a strong track record and the experience in business consulting and solutions implementation both locally and globally.

Vantage Market Differentiators

  • In-depth industry knowledge in Public Sector, Government Link Companies, Telco, Financial Services Institutions & Utilities
  • First SAP partner to be awarded with the implementation of the full suite of the latest SAP CRM version in Malaysia
  • First SAP partner to implement Public Services Collection and Disbursement Solution (PSCD) in ASEAN
  • Localized solution for local councils (to be registered under ISV)

Vantage value system focuses on incorporating responsible business practice across all our activities. These are built around the five main thrusts that have always been Vantage's priority.

  • Trust

    The fundamental component in our relationship with our clients and our employees.
  • Transformation

    On-going transformation to ensure that our organization and our people are adaptive to new initiatives and ideas
  • Innovation

    Our structure allows us to come up with innovative new ideas geared towards achieving and enhancing our clients' expectations.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Our continuous pledge is to ensure a portion of our profits is channelled to the under-privileged.
  • Going Globally Green

    We help clients balance the impact to the environment by providing solutions that optimize business processes and minimize the use of natural resources.